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M10 Full Package

With one purchase, assemble a collection of 8 MAC firearms and 4 suppressors inspired by the genius of Gordon Ingram plus fully-transferable Bayard 32acp machine pistol.  Ingram’s designs include the infamous M-10 used by US Special Forces in Vietnam.  Suppressors are unmodified originals designed by Mitchell Werbel of Sionics.


Collection includes:

1908 Bayard 32acp pistol modified to Full Auto with extremely rare, very early Powder Springs MAC 32acp suppressor & shoulder holster. Remarkably high cyclic rate – see 10 SHOT video below.



Early M-10 made at the Military Armament Corporation (MAC) original Powder Springs, Georgia plant, 45acp, excellent condition with wooden butt stock.

Early M-10 in 9MM with six steel MAC magazines, superior to common plastic magazines.


Gordon Ingram’s first production submachine, the M-6 Military Model, 45 acp. Includes original bayonet, a very hard to find item (obtained from an Ingram subcontractor).


PM11/9mm semi-auto made by Leinad.  Designed by Wayne Daniels, unfired.


A MAC rarity – the M-10 BRIEFCASE SYSTEM.  This system’s M-10 in 45 acp was made by MAC in Powder Springs, Georgia.  The RPB suppressor, purpose-designed for the briefcase application, serial number S0002K - the second suppressor made in this configuration!  Note the barrel port cover – concealed beneath a business card on the side of the briefcase.  Triggering device at the bottom of the case.  This is the hard item to find centerpiece when assembling a MAC collection.

M10-A1 MAC 10 in 9mm, manufactured when MAC relocated to Marietta, Georgia.  Original box.  Virtually unfired.


Matching serial numbered M-10 in original box and Sionics suppressor with Nomex cover, both early products of the Powder Springs MAC plant.   Unfired.  With early green INGRAM SUBMACHINE GUN OPERATING MANUAL.


Early M-11 in 9mm Kurtz – 380 auto & RPB 380 suppressor.  Dual markings - MAC’s Powder Springs & RPB’S Atlanta addresses. M-11 380’s are smaller and lighter than the M-10.

Also original MAC submachine gun operating manuals, extra barrels, parts, Cobray magazine pouches and other items important to build your collection.

$80,000 for the collection.


Contact Seller at 575-405-0911 or c3@netmdc.com

Yes, you could gradually assemble much of this collection and save money.  But based on the history of appreciating machinegun values, by the time you did so, the price of machineguns would have risen, so you may not save anything, just lost time doing so.